NCSU Crusade

1st Year Bible Studies (11 weeks)

Below, are different pdf downloads for each lesson. The leader's copy is for you to plan your lesson from, the student copy is what you'll want to print out and give to everyone, and some lessons will have an article which is an additional resource to give you another perspective on the lesson. Feel free to print it off and give it to your group also. If you have problems or questions, email Todd

Overview of Lessons

Lesson 1 - "Thirsty" - The basic focus is this: We are thirsty, Christ offers to quench that thirst
Lesson 2 - "Knowing God" - This looks at Jesus being our shepherd in John 10:1-18
Lesson 3 - "Assurance of Salvation 1" - Looks at our condition before knowing Christ
Lesson 4 - "Assurance of Salvation 2" - Clarifies roles of works and faith in salvation
Lesson 5 - "Salvation" - Looks at 5 results of Salvation (may be expanded to more than 1 week)

                          1-Forgiveness    2-Adoption   3-New Creation   4-Holy Spirit    5-Eternal Life 
Lesson 6- "Dealing with Sin" - Confession, Holy Spirits role, deals with gray areas as well
Lesson 7- "Discussion" - Discuss what's been covered so far, no major new content. See guide
Lesson 8- "God's Word" - Uses a variety of passages to discuss the importance of the Bible
Lesson 9- "Quiet Times" - Includes a 31 day quiet time "experiment".
Lesson 10- "Holy Spirit 1" - Covers: 1-Who is the HS   2-Who has the HS   3-Receiving the HS   4-What HS does
Lesson 11- "Satisfied" - Covers the daily surrender to the Holy spirit. Uses the "Staisfied Booklet"

Discipleship (One-on-One discipleship) Overview
 Freshmen / 1st Year Groups
Discipleship Plan (Fr) (.pdf")

Sophomore / 2nd Year Groups (.pdf"'s)
Discipleship Plan (So)
Discipleship Profile
Grace, Truth, and Time Covenant (used when starting discipleship)
Discipleship Questionaire (used to discern where they are at / what to teach them)
Study:Who is the Holy Spirit
Study:Basics of a Quiet Time
What to pray for non-Christians
Questions to establish moral convictions
Writing their personal testimony

Study:Spiritual Multiplication
Developing Vision with Worksheet
Study:Position in Christ

Junior / 3rd Year Groups (.pdf"'s)
Discipleship Plan (Jr)

Personal Goals / Worksheet
Accountability-"How To's" with10 Question worksheet
Study:Time Management with worksheet and schedule
Study:"Walking with Christ" - Devotional life of a leader
Study:The "One Anothers" of the New Testament
Study:Initiative Evangelism
Study:Scripture Memory with Worksheet
Study:Pride vs Humility with comparison chart
Study:Eternal Perspective
Study:Conquering Conflicts

Seniors/ 4th Year Groups (.pdf"'s)
Discipleship Plan (Sr)
Study:Discerning God's Will
Spiritual Gifts Test
Worksheet to discover your personal passion
Attributes of God w/verses
Study:Biblical Perspective on Money
Study:World Vision
Apologetics Article-1  Apologetics Article-2
Study:Importance of Church
Growth Model (from Changes that Heal by Henry Cloud)