HOW THIS WORKS...If you have never been playing paintball with us one weekend, then you might want to sign up and go ! We have our own equipment and take trips in the fall and almost every weekend in the spring. If you would like to get to know some more people in Cru at State, then this is a great way to meet some.We play paintball from 9:00am - 12:30pm on Saturday, then grab lunch at a nearby BBQ restaurant. then head back to Raleigh. If you would like come go hang out with us one weekend, then sign up at the link above and we will email you more details. Below I've explained most everything that you'd want to know, but if you have other questions, just email us !

-- The location we play at is a private farm up Hwy 64 between Raleigh and Rocky Mount where we have multiple playing fields already set up. We will email you directions after you sign up.

-- The cost for playing is $19 / person if you pay online before the event. That covers everything you need to play and holds you a spot. If you can't pay online you can bring $20 cash with you if there are spots available.

-- If you pay to have your spot held and you cannot go for whatever reason, we will refund you $15 or you can transfer your full payment to another weekend that year.

--As a rule, we have not allowed people to bring their own guns. This is not so we can make money or anything, it is simply because it becomes unfair. We use fun, Tippman SL-68II guns. When everyone uses them, it is a LOT of fun. If someone brings their own high-powered-laser-sighted-double-trigger-modified-barrel-fully-automatic paintgun, it becomes unfair to everyone else. You may, however, bring your own mask and accessories if you would like.

--Be sure to bring long pants if you have any or jeans, or Carhartts. We will supply camo shirts. You will probably get dirty, so I wouldn't wear anything "nice". The "paint" washes out of clothes, but I would be sure and bring old stuff with you that you don't mind getting dirty. Bring shoes you can run around in and you don't mind getting dirty.

--We have rarely cancelled a trip due to bad weather but we may have to do it in certain situations. In the event of rain / snow, there are a couple old cabins we can stay in with heat. The guns are ok to be used in the rain, so that won't hold us back. We will notify everyone by email if the trip gets cancelled.

HAZARDS & RISKS (Be sure and read ! )
-I want to make sure everyone knows what they are getting into when they go play and some of the hazards and risks involved. You will be asked to sign a liability form before playing. We will be playing outdoors on a farm near a pond. During the warmer weather, there can be ticks, snakes, poison ivy, briars, stinging insects, and a bunch of other outdoor-type hazards. We have never had any serious injuries due to actual paintball, but we have had small injuries from running in the woods such as cuts, scratches, falls, sprained ankles, twisted knees, etc. In the warmer weather, we've had a few guys that have gotten ticks and/or poison ivy. We have tried to make it all as safe as possible, but there are always risks in playing. If anyone playing is allergic to poison ivy, bee stings, etc, or any other outside plants, please take caution before going. If you have any medical condition that we need to be aware of (allergies, diabetic, etc) please be sure to let us know and bring any needed medication or foods.