NCSU Crusade

We hope you enjoyed the weekly meetings this past semester and will join us on Jan 8th at 8:00pm for our first meeting back in the Talley Ballroom. Check back here for more info.

Join us this Dec 28-Jan 1 in Greensboro for our Midsouth Encounter Conference. See who all has signed up from State, Meredith, Peace, and WTCC HERE.  Jesus Christ said, "Come follow me," and He's still issuing that same life-changing invitation today. But what does it really look like to follow Jesus? What impact does following Him have on your school, relationships, work, and future? More than that, is following Jesus worth all that it might cost you? Come find out as we Encounter Jesus Christ through four days of vibrant music, powerful teaching, intimate community, and radical acts of compassionate service. Bring a friend with you. We have a hunch you'll be glad you did! Find out more and register HERE.  If finances are a problem.  fill out a scholarship request form HERE.   

Although you may feel like the summer has started wrapping up, it's not too early to start thinking about Summer 2015. Each year, thousands of students from across the country go on CRU Summer Mission trips. We have anywhere from 70-90 from NC State / Meredith going to places such as Santa Cruz, CA, Clearwater Beach, FL to New York City and tons more locations in the US. Internationally, students from State go to Senegal, Africa, to Sweden and East Asia as well as a bunch of other countries. They vary in length and what all you do while you are there. Make this next summer count and try something new...go on a CRU Summer Mission trip. To explore all the different locations, dates, etc...check out and see where students went this past year !  Grab some friends and go for it !.